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Hey everyone. I know I've been really quiet lately, not uploading things besides the stray promotional journal. The past few months, or closer to since I moved back last June, my mental state has definitely been degrading. Some of you may or may not know that I have OCD and in the past I have gone through varying degrees of severity. The past few years it has been for the most part under control but I've been having it rear its ugly head more and more often lately. 

I've also been dealing with a lot of social anxiety and just a lot of issues as to what I believe people are thinking of me or seeing me as. Another issue I'm having is a bit of depression, manifesting itself in ways that are making me feel pretty worthless at anything i try to do. Be it drawing, knitting, sculpting, sewing, writing: any medium I've worked in really I feel extremely incompetent in it. This has been a huge part of why I haven't been uploading art lately, I simply haven't been doing much of it and what little I have done I feel has just not been worth uploading. The idea of failing at things is scaring me and its definitely keeping me from practicing things I love to do. 

These past couple of weeks I've really been trying to get over these feelings, I really want to get back into things like sewing, or expanding my drawing abilities but its still slow going. I really hope to be uploading some things in the near future includingthe concept pages for a closed species I've been working on, and a few things for myself. 

I'd also really like to thank a few people who have really helped me lately to get back into things. The other day the recipient of my first giveaway winner oh so many moons ago, posted this amazing picture of one of my OC's  Apple Martini by YoshiRingo and mentioning how he hopes I'll get back to posting art soon. This seriously meant so much to me and  was a really big part of inspiring me to post this journal. So truly a huge thanks to :iconyoshiringo: He has improved so much with his art since I met him a couple years back and you should really go check out his work. I also have a few friends in real life who have been really supporting me and encouraging me in everything I'm doing including :icontheharley: :iconiangelrhii: and :iconarcane-stars: Thanks so much you guys for supporting me, you have truly been my rocks these past few months and I can never thank you enough for all you are doing for me. I'm so blessed to have you as my friends.

And of course a huge thanks to all those of you who watch me and made the decision to follow me because you truly support my art. My goal in making art is to make others happy, I want to bring a smile to the faces of others while bringing a smile to my own face at the same time. So thank you to all of you.

Keep an eye out for art in the future! Hopefully I'll be getting some things done soon.... 


United States


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