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May 9, 2012
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Chapter 15: Never Hit a Lady

Twilight walked the last few yards to her home, shivering at the cold wind that ruffled her mane. She opened the front door and walked into the familiar warmth. The room was dark and quiet, only the light of her magic cutting through the black.
A wheezing squeak from beneath her hoof caught her attention as she crossed the room. "What?" she asked herself out loud. She lit a nearby candle and found that she had stepped on a rubber chicken.
Looking through the dim gloom Twilight could make out the forms of five sleeping ponies. Smiling, she picked her way up the stairs to her bed where Spike was sitting.
"What are you doing up?" she asked climbing onto the bed.
"Waiting for you to get back," he replied. He paused, "What happened?"
"We talked. Not much else and then he left, said that if I ever needed him to let him know." Twilight stared at the blanket as she spoke. "I fell asleep and woke up a little bit ago. I think his brother was looking for him, that is when I left."
Spike nodded, "I'm sure everything will work out Twi."
"I sure hope so," she whispered.
"Now get some sleep," Spike ordered throwing the blanket over her before heading to his own bed. Laying down he glanced once more at Twilight, she was fast asleep. He blew out the candle and fell asleep.


"Where did she go?" asked Flim looking from his brother to the spot where the mare had been. "She was right there not a minute ago!"
"Brother I have no idea what you are talking about, there was nopony over there," Flam said.
"Yes there was!" he snapped. Walking over he picked the blanket up off the ground. "I put this on her," he said through clenched teeth throwing the blanket in Flam's face.
"Flim, there was nopony there," he replied.
"No! She was there, I know she was. I found Twilight. I found her, I talked to her, I even got beat up by her!" Flim's voice was rising in anger. "I will prove to you the she was there." Stress choked his voice as he sat on the ground.
He felt the tears burning in the corners of his eyes, and heard Flam sigh, and a hoof being placed around his shoulder. "Alright," Flam said. "You'll show me in the morning. Until then you can sleep." Flim's eyes grew heavy as his brothers magic washed over him and he slumped to the ground asleep.


Flim woke up in a bed in an unfamiliar room. Sitting up he found Flam asleep in the bed pressed against the opposite wall. Flim stood and stretched, then headed to the bathroom where he washed the dirt from his mane and coat. Feeling clean and refreshed he walked to his brother's bed and smirked.
Placing his hooves over his ears, his horn began to glow, suddenly blasting the room with the shatteringly loud sound of a horn. Flam jumped up, looking around through sleep filled eyes.
Blinking his gaze settled on Flim and he scowled. "Was that really necessary," he asked eyebrows slanting downward in frustration.
"Absolutely necessary dear brother," replied Flim allowing a smile to cross his face. "Besides I believe you promised me that I could show you wrong this morning."
"So?" asked Flim placing his hat upon his head. "Are you coming or not?"
Flim led a grumbling Flam through the front doors of the hotel and onto the streets of Ponyville. Flim took a moment to figure out exactly where he was. "That way," he decided and headed off Flam dragging at his heels.
The brothers reached the front door of the library, Flim pausing a moment then rapping on the door with his hoof. For several seconds they just waited and then the door swung open.
Flim backpeddled shoving his brother in front of him, creating a barrier between himself and the five angry mares staring out at him.
"So you came back," said Rainbow stalking her way forward. "Can't say I'm glad to see you."
"Flim what on Equestria did you do?!" asked Flam avoiding eye contact with Applejack.
"Oh, we can tell you!" said Pinkie, "Come on in we just made breakfast."
"Really Pinkie?" asked Rainbow Dash incredulously looking over her shoulder. Sighing she turned back to the stallions, "Fine you can come in. Twilight isn't up yet, don't know what you did to her last night but she's out cold." The Pegasus walked into the house and the brothers followed cautiously behind her.
The group of ponies gathered in the kitchen a large plate of waffles at the center of the table.
"So Flim, what haven't you been telling me?" growled Flam.
"Twilight is pregnant and he's the father," Pinkie Pie informed. "How could you not tell your own brother about that?!"
"You what?!" cried Flam his voice cracking. "Am I hearing this right?"
"Yeah, its true," replied Flim, his head lowered in shame.
"What. Is. Wrong. With. You?! You, stupid colt!" shouted Flam beating his brother with his hat. "Is there any sense in that pea brain of yours? Any at all?"
The Elements of Harmony just watched as one brother was berated by the other. "And I thought you were mean to him," whispered Fluttershy to Rainbow Dash.
"So did I," she muttered in reply.
"Alright, that's enough," said Rarity stepping forward to stand between the stallions, but an unfortunately misplaced blow hit her on the cheek. She spun on Flam blue eyes wide with shock and disgust. "How DARE you hit a lady," she demanded.
"I…." Flam stuttered. "I didn't mean to, you stepped in the way!"
"You still hit a lady. That is no way to behave, and you are a guest," she huffed. Walking to the back door she threw it open. "Out," she ordered. "Get out now."
"Come on brother, its not worth the battle trust me," said Flim starting to push his brother toward the door.
"No, Flim darling you can stay. You need to speak to Twilight. Your disgraceful brother however needs to leave this establishment."
Flim stood mouth hanging open.
"Now!" shouted Rarity and Flam closed his mouth, gritted his teeth, and walked out the door.
"What is going on?" asked Twilight, watching the scene from the staircase. She walked down another few steps and looked at Flim. "What are you doing here?" she asked staring into his apple green eyes. "You left last night. I saw you leave.
Flim's ears flattened against his head and a blush faintly colored his cheeks. "I," he started then paused for a moment. "I couldn't just leave. This is my responsibility too." With each word his head rose higher in confidence. "I'll be here, and hopefully you'll be okay with that. I…I just need to help. I couldn't live with myself otherwise."
Behind Flim, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Applejack were smiling at the scene that was playing out before them. Tears were forming in the corners of Pinkie Pie's eyes, and Rainbow's mouth was agape.
Twilight stood on the steps, silent from a lack of words with which to respond. She opened her mouth as if to say something, but then closed it. She repeated the process once more but in the end she just nodded.
Flim gave a weak smile in response to her nod.
"You'll need to find a place to stay, because you aren't staying here," Twilight stated plainly.
"Of course," replied the stallion.
"Alright then," she said and nodded once more.
Chapter 15! Not very long, but I was lucky to get this much written. It was a difficult chapter to write.

MLP belongs to Lauren Faust/Hasbro
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